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Unwanted body hair ranges from inconvenient to embarrassing. There’s no longer any need to deal with periodic plucking, waxing, shaving, or other temporary removal methods with short-lived results. Christina Stokke, Dr. Kevin Stokke, and the team at Nouvelle Medical Aesthetics in Davis, California, recommend laser hair removal to reduce and remove body hair permanently. Call today for a consultation.

Laser Hair Removal Q & A

What is laser hair removal? How does it work?

One of the most common cosmetic procedures performed in the United States, laser hair removal uses the finely-tuned energy of laser light to target and disrupt the growth cycle of body hair at the root. Lasers use a single wavelength of light, tuned to the precise frequency that hair follicles absorb.

The hair removal laser targets the pigmentation of the hair base, which absorbs the light energy and converts it to heat. This heat damages the follicle and effectively kills the hair-growing mechanism with little effect on the surrounding skin tissue. The hair falls out and the follicle is absorbed by the body. The hair removal laser attachment can vary in size for treating different areas of the body, from single dark hairs to larger areas, such as the legs or chest.

Why do you need more than one session for permanent hair removal?

You’ll need multiple treatments due to the natural growth cycle of hair follicles -- they grow hair for years, then go dormant for a while before growing a new hair. The follicles are only vulnerable to the effects of laser removal during the growth stage.

Since there’s no synchronization between hair follicles, only a certain number are at the vulnerable stage at one time. Multiple sessions treat follicles when they are in the growth phase.

Other factors may affect the number of treatments you’ll need. Since everyone has their own particular skin and hair colors, some follicles respond more quickly.

The number of treatments needed varies for each individual, so some people will need more sessions than others to ensure optimal results. The team at Nouvelle Medical Aesthetics will explain your laser hair removal process before treatment begins.

Is laser hair removal safe?

While laser hair removal is safe, it’s also a medical procedure that requires knowledge and care. Surrounding tissue may absorb laser light, creating conditions similar to mild sunburn. Cooling lotions, creams, or gels may be used during treatment to limit this, but depending on individual skin color, more or less laser light may be absorbed by surrounding skin tissue.

At Nouvelle Medical Aesthetics “The Vectus” by Cynosure is used for hair removal, and it’s referred to fondly as “the Beast.” This cutting-edge laser platform provides the most customizable treatment each time you come in, and it’s fast, safe, and effective.

*Individual results may vary.